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Party Foul™️ Fentanyl Test Kit of 5 Tests

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Product Type: Medical Tests
Vendor: Party Foul

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The 5 pack presentation of Party Foul Fentanyl Test Strips is your gateway to comprehensive harm reduction. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each test strip is a testament to our commitment to creating safer environments. The fentanyl epidemic demands more than ordinary solutions, and that's why Party Foul takes a step further.

How do Party Foul's Fentanyl Test strips work?

Party Foul™ Test Strips operate by enabling a small sample of a substance to engage with responsive chemicals on the strip's surface. When the substance contains fentanyl, these chemicals trigger a distinct reaction, resulting in the formation of visible lines or marks. Conversely, the absence of these lines typically suggests the absence of fentanyl. This straightforward yet efficient procedure furnishes users with valuable insights into the possible presence of fentanyl within a specific substance, assisting them in making more informed decisions regarding its consumption.

What substances can be tested with these strips?

Any pill, powder or crystallin you would like to test.

How long does it take to get a result?

3 Minutes after completing the test


Can I use the test strips at home, and how do I dispose of them?

Party Foul™ test strips work by allowing a small portion of a substance to interact with reactive chemicals on the strip. If fentanyl is present in the substance, the chemicals on the strip produce a specific reaction that generates visible lines or marks. The absence of these lines indicates that fentanyl is likely not present. This simple yet effective process provides users with information about the potential presence of fentanyl in a given substance, aiding in making safer consumption decisions.

What should I do if I receive a positive result?

Immediately wash your hands, call 911 and seek emergency help.